Change management

All our change management advisors are fluent in English and are selected for their distinguished careers. Their expertise can guide and support you or your business on the challenging change journey. Advice is given through a 1 hour video meeting and you can book from a single session to a series. If you are not sure which advisor is the best for your specific situation, a member of our team can help you make the right choice. Each session costs 3000 SEK.

Need help to find the right advisor?

Spend less time in the wrong meetings with the wrong people, by allowing us to find the right expert advisor for your specific needs.

  • Digitisation
  • Change leadership
  • Strategy

  • Building committed and high-performing teams
  • Leading in constant change
  • From silos to an agile cross-functional customer-centric organisation

  • Purpose driven leadership
  • Company culture and core values
  • Leadership coaching

  • Change management
  • Prevention of stress with the help of meta-cognition
  • Senior leadership development

  • Digitisation
  • Change management
  • Globalisation

  • Disruption
  • Becoming and maintaining the status ‘dream employer’
  • Dream leadership

  • AI-transformation
  • Digital vision and strategy
  • Solution oriented creator of digital solutions / platforms

  • Change management
  • Culture
  • Leadership

  • Transforming from product to services
  • Connected and smart products
  • Business models and customer value

  • Business and organisational development
  • Behavioral psychology
  • Digitisation