Tobias Bergström

KPI-driven eCommerce strategist understanding all levels of the organisation

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Tobias’s extensive career has given him experience in all aspects of eCommerce, and is just as comfortable in conversations with programmers as he is with board members.

Expert and consultant in

  • Revolutionary change
  • Platform selection
  • Omnichannel trading from the beginning

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Tobias’ biggest achievements

  1. Implementing KPI practices that increased company revenues by hundreds of millions (SEK).
  2. Proof of concept: simplicity-based solutions sells and actually works.
  3. Identifying market gaps, solving the matter and reaching success with Commerce Mind.

Tobias’ beliefs

  1. Make sure everything you do is based in company profitability.
  2. Always prioritise the long-term perspective over the short-term.
  3. Simplicity leads to success.

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About Tobias

Tobias’s extensive career has given him experience in all aspects of eCommerce, and is just as comfortable in conversations with programmers as he is with board members.

As a leader, Tobias has mastered the art of creating an inspiring vision for the future, and breaking it down to a practical and viable roadmap. His deep passion for eCommerce, which started back in 1994, has made him an excellent advisor for leaders and businesses in all stages of their digitisation journey.

Ever since he discovered the internet, Tobias has been thinking about how traditional sales and distribution channels could be replaced by new technology. He had advocated for “omni-channel” long before it was considered cool. His experience includes working at a digital communications agency and managing eCommerce for various trading organisations.

Today, as one of the founders of Commerce Mind, he give a solid foundation and support to various clients who are starting to digitise their business. In the world of eCommerce he is a “force to be reckoned with” and has picked up invaluable operational and strategic knowledge from both the customer and supplier sides of digital solutions.

Tobias is passionate about breaking large and visionary digital projects down into something understandable which the entire organisation can make use of in their daily work.

He helps businesses and leaders in both forming a strategy – setting goals, choosing the right platforms, defining success and follow-ups – and the toolbox required to reach it – KPIs, features and product presentations.

Keeping the ability to move from a detail level to a “helicopter view”, he never takes his eyes off what ultimately matters most – long-term company profitability.

Tobias respects data and facts, and is aware that there must be a desire to get that data, as it is not always easily accessible. He likes to challenge his own views and will change them if the data give him new insights.

Tobias is motivated by being part of the extensive social transformation brought about by the internet revolution, and sees his role in our “digitally immature stage” as a bit like the innovators who saw early on how the steam engine could change the world.

He is curious, challenging, and enjoy a meaningful conversation with people from all walks of life.


  • Challenging business models
  • Choosing the right tools and organisation to achieve goals
  • Developing e-commerce
  • E-commerce
  • From vision to a practical roadmap
  • Omnichannel trading from the beginning
  • Organisational development at all levels
  • Platform selection
  • Revolutionary change
  • Setting and reaching KPI goals




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