Why Wisory?

Rethinking leadership

Leadership today isn’t as effective as it could be, because leader advice and development isn’t as effective as it could be. It’s time to rethink leadership by rethinking leader advice.

Get the expert. Skip the high-priced project

Forget old-school leadership training and large, high-priced consulting projects. We offer a more efficient and convenient way to manage your skills development and leadership performance: one-on-one video meetings. Why complicate things?

One-on-one video meetings are more efficient

One-on-one video meetings focusing on your specific challenges and opportunities are more efficient than standardized advisor sessions, classroom lectures and generic training content.

Advisor matching—let us help you find the right advisor

Spend less time in the wrong meetings with the wrong people, by allowing us to find the right expert advisor for your specific needs – and connect you directly, online.

Get a long-term speaking partner

Cover your gaps of knowledge and bridge your lack of experience with a long-term speaking partner that isn’t your rival. Whenever you need it. With a perfectly matched advisor, you’ll never have to manage on your own again.

Improve your performance

Design your own leader performance program by selecting one-on-one sessions with top business advisors on the topics you need the most. Improve your performance and advance your career.